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NOVAtime 4000 Web Time and Attendance System

Time Clocks
is dedicated to offering the BEST SYSTEMS at the BEST PRICING


Our Low Price Guarantee promises...

*We will meet and usually BEAT any price quote for the same configured NOVAtime product or system

competitive price quote from authorized reseller is required


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NOVAtime 4000 Web is a monthly subscription-based service:
  *  cost is for per active employee/user per month
  *  purchase price includes first month's subscription
  * all technical support is included (no annual fees)
(does NOT include hardware)

Product Description

The NOVAtime 4000 Web Time and Attendance System is a fully web-based, on-demand subscription service that delivers solid performance, scalability, and reliability which is suitable for companies of any size. The NOVAtime 4000 Web time system’s innovative and flexible design offers you a system that will grow with your company, as your company’s needs and requirements change. Any company of any size now has a secure, cost-effective, maintenance free, and turnkey solution for managing employee time with the most powerful solution in Time and Attendance Workforce Management online

The NOVAtime 4000 Web Time and Attendance system can be accessed from the Internet through a secure browser connection allowing for Employee Punch access, Employee Kiosk access and/or Administrative / Supervisor access. Access levels are configured on an individual basis allowing for IP level security access settings to be configured. Employees are only able to punch from authorized and approved access points while supervisors and administrators may be allowed to access the system anytime, anyplace, anywhere they can get internet access.

Employees simply punch in and out through any computer with web access (this can be limited through configuration settings to only allow access from authorized IP addresses).  It really is that simple. Optionally, hardware time clock terminals may also be connected for use with the system and require a secure connection via the internet to utilize our exclusive “Push” technology security and reliability.

Features and Benefits





Employees can be set up to be able to sign in to either Employee Web Punch or Employee Web Kiosk, or both (click on the first photo above for a full view) as a part of any NOVAtime 4000 solution. and can be configured to allow employees to access many features right from a web browser.

Configuration of security settings allow a system administrator to specify the accessibility
(authorized IP addresses or ranges) on a per employee basis to the Employee Web Services as well as configure time zone and features availability / non-availability for that employee to utilize.  Some of the configurable Employee Web Services functions include:

- Punch In / Out or enter timesheet data from a PC via a web browser with internet connectivity
- Execute group transfer punching for departmental or job task change during workday
- View actual punch times, totals, and time distributions in timesheet format
- Review, edit, and/or print their timesheets
- View their earnings and deductions
- Approve and submit timesheet to Supervisor electronically
- View and/or print their complete attendance history
- View their accrual balances
(available sick, vacation, PTO, etc)
- Request time off
(vacation, jury duty, family leave, personal, etc) with notes
- Receive approved time off request and general company messages
- View their assigned work schedule by month or by pay period
- View and update their personal profile information
(address, phones, emergency contact, etc)
- Customize and save their own EWS user preferences







Supervisor Web Services provides your company’s supervisors and managers with real-time access to time and labor data to proactively manage costs and staffing levels within your environment. SWS also provides the tools and interface to manage accruals and benefit hours, employee scheduling, employee timesheets and policy assignment, NOVAtime’s powerful reporting engine, and much more.

An Administrator may configure each SWS user login so that features and functions can be set to allow / disallow access or even viewing of data and personnel.  This allows for Supervisors to only be able to access and view the areas of the time system they are validated for as well as the specific employees and or groups of employees they may be responsible for. Supervisor Web Services is a lower level Administrative login level which is meant to provide supervisors a means to assist with the day-to-day administration of the web time system.  Some of the configurable Supervisor Web Services functions include:

- Review, edit, and/or print their employees' timesheets
- View, update, and maintain their employees' work schedules
- Approve and submit their employee's timesheets to next level electronically
- View and/or print their complete attendance history for assigned employees
- Manage and review their employee's accrual balances
(usage and availability of sick, vacation, PTO, etc)
- Approve time off requests
(vacation, jury duty, family leave, personal, etc) with notes
- Send approved time off requests and general company messages
- View, add, delete, update, and maintain their employees' work schedules
- Generate numerous reports quickly and easily
- Access the real-time Company In / Out Board
- View and update their employees' Employee Record

- Customize and save their own SWS user preferences







Administrator Web Services are for your higher level administrators of the time system which may include managers of HR, Payroll, and even IT in some cases. The Administrative Web Services offers configurable access to all the functions and features of the NOVAtime 4000 Web time system. In addition to all the functions offered with the Supervisor Web Services, Administrator Web Services offers these additional features:

- Create security policies
- Assign employees to supervisors
- Access to Payroll component of web time system
- Setup and configuration of company rules, pay rules
(overtime, rounding, etc), and holidays
- Manage and control shifts and schedules as well as shift/schedule templates
- Setup and deploy access and privilege rights for employees, supervisors and other administrative personnel
- Configure and maintain technical configurations (hardware [time clocks], IP address definitions, etc)
- Act as higher level timesheet approval authority for supervisors to submit approved timesheets to





- Access the system anytime, anyplace, anywhere you have a web browser and internet connectivity
- Accommodates unlimited employees and users
(subject to per active employee/user per monthly subscription charge)
- Works multi-platform
(Windows, Macintosh, Unix) and is compatible with most internet web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape Navigator, etc)
- Done in 100% HTML and JavaScript - no need to install custom Java applets or ActiveX plug-ins
- Maximum security using a SAS 70 Type II certified data center with multiple tier 1 backbone providers and secured with 128-bit SSL
- Create security profiles for dynamic and controlled employee/user access
- Strong pay policy management tools and can handle the most complex of pay rules
- Easy, one-click navigation between employee scheduler, employee timesheets, and employee profile record screens
- Up to 8 group levels
(i.e. Location, Facility, Department, Job Task, Cost Center, etc) for employee sorting and filtering on reports
- Individual Employee and Supervisor/Administrator level password protection
- Security for administrative and supervisor users can be configured for controlled access to certain area, info and/or employees
- Accommodates weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and custom pay periods
- Automatic overtime calculation
(daily, weekly, 5th, 6th and 7th consecutive day, and more)
- Definable rounding and break points for punches, meals, totals, and more
- Shift start and end time independent rounding rules
- Advanced support for workday expansion and work-hours carry over for employees working through midnight
- Enhanced Holiday rules settings separate from pay policy rules
- Support for fixed, flexible, and dynamic shift assignment of employees
- Powerful Exceptions
(tardy, meal/break exceptions, missing punches, etc) configuration, monitoring and reporting
- Flexible multi-add function allows timesheet editing from a single employee to a large group for punches and/or hours
- Dynamic system audit trail to track user changes to punch data, access to the system, time and total edits, and more
- Support for shift differentials up to 9 levels, time segment differentials, and premium rules
- Configurable auto-deduct for meal/break including enhanced break (paid and unpaid) rules
- Powerful and Flexible Report Generator with File Export (XLS, HTML, RTF, PDF)
- Numerous (over 100) standard and configurable reports
- Publish reports for all users, some users, or just yourself for quick reporting with pre-defined recurring attributes
- Schedule published reports to run automatically at specified time and day/date with automatic email to any system user including yourself
- In / Out Board to display employee' current In / Out status and last punch times - real time up to the second
- Additional features available to enhance the system with the NOVAtime 4000 Add-On Modules
(listed below - additional monthly fees apply)


Employee Management -
Setting up employees could not be simpler. Information can be imported from an existing payroll or accounting system or manually keyed-in. Up to 8 levels of employee groups can be defined (i.e. location, facility, department, job task, cost center, etc) to allow easy filtering of employees on reports by groups as well as hours worked in each specific group. These group levels can also be used to allow employees to "transfer" when punching for easier automation of employee transfers between departments, job tasks, etc.

Although only a few fields of information are required to set up and employee record, the NOVAtime 4000 is able to also handle variable pay rates and detailed personal information. In the Employee area you will also find tabs that allow for maintaining online web reviews, an HR Profile screen for maintaining personal employee data, and messaging capabilities to schedule and send an employee a private message at their punching location.


Timesheet Management - Customizable timesheet layout and order is just one of the many dynamic features of the NOVAtime 4000 Web time system's timesheet management area. Choose the data columns and order you wish for your timesheet view. Customization of the timesheet view is done on an individual user login basis allowing for each user to have their own look and feel to best review and edit timesheets.

In-cell editing, one-click note fields, and easy calculation override options make the NOVAtime 4000 Web timesheet an easy to use management tool. The Timesheet Summary, Accrual Summary, and Pay Matrix Summary (if enabled) allow for quick and easy reviewing of time distributions within the timesheet view.

Navigation to previous pay periods and historical timesheets is easily accomplished as well as quick daily/pay period timesheet approval by supervisors and administrators alike.  Once timesheets have been approved and submitted, no further editing by that user level is allowed, only higher level supervisors/administrators may edit or set approval status back for lower level user re-editing and re-approval/submittal.


Report Management -
Choose from over 100 standard reports available for time and attendance, management, human resources, labor costing, payroll, and more. Report data can be previewed on the screen, sent to a printer, or even scheduled for automatic printing or email to defined NOVAtime 4000 users, including yourself.  Formats supported are HTML, RTF, XLS or PDF.  With dynamic sorting features and filtering you can generate thousands of report combinations.


In / Out Board -
The IN / OUT Board is a powerful and valuable tool to instantly find out which employees are currently clocked IN or OUT, or even on vacation, sick, etc. It is easy to use and can be filtered by and combination of group levels, punch status, as well as time frame. Managers, Supervisors, Receptionists, and Security personnel can instantly obtain the information needed with just a click or two and best of all, it's real-time; right up to the second automatically.


Pay Rules Management -
The dynamic Policy Management allows an unlimited number of pay policy rules to calculate hours for different groups of employees. Several punch rounding rules and total hours rounding can be easily defined to accommodate your company's requirements. Up to 5 Overtime levels with calculations that can be defined after a predefined number of worked hours daily, weekly, biweekly, as well as for holidays, weekends, consecutive days, days off, etc. with definable overtime multipliers. Additional overtime rules for unique needs include ability to accumulate daily overtime to the weekly overtime, out of shift / schedule overtime determination and allocation, and other special features.

An unlimited number of flexible and/or fixed shifts can be defined with different meal deductions or paid breaks as well as differential pay segments, premium pay based on either workday or time period, and on call employees with minimum guarantee pay.  The extensive ability to configure workday expansion and work hours carry over rules, add a level of complexity for handling those tough 24/7 and/or third shift (crossing midnight shifts) that many other softwares struggle to handle properly.

Dynamic shift configuration offers a third option within the shift management area, allowing for combining common fixed shift schedules into one dynamic shift assignment.   Employees are assigned to the nearest fixed shift within the dynamic shift based on their in and out punches.


Scheduling Management -
The NOVAtime 4000 Web offers one of the most intuitive scheduling set of of tools anywhere. With multiple scheduling screens to choose from, users can schedule by individual or by group filtering.  The Scheduling templates allow users to configure their most commonly used schedules for easy, one-click scheduling of employees. And best of all... the scheduling features just continue to grow and get better..


Employee Time-Off Request -
Employees can request time off (vacation PTO, special needs, etc) right from the Employee Kiosk or from select hardware time clocks that can be optionally added to the system. Administrators can configured predefined time off request template for employees to use which then automatically forward an approval request to the employees supervisor.  Enhanced options standard with the Time-Odd Request feature includes the ability to notify supervisors via email that one of their employees has made a time-off request, request racking for whether supervisor / employee has read the request or the approval / decline of the request, and can even require employees to provide a receipt of acknowledgement once the supervisor has notified electronically of the approval or declining of each time-off request.


Employee Punch with Kiosk -
The NOVAtime 4000 Web comes standard with the Web Punch modules.  Employees can be set up to be able to sign in to either Employee Web Punch or Employee Web Kiosk, or both (click on the photo to the left for a full view) as a part of any NOVAtime 4000 solution.

Both the Employee Punch and Employee Kiosk areas have configurable items that make it easy for administrators to configure punch collection and employee information sharing
(with the individual employee only). The Employee Kiosk allows for sharing current and historical timesheet punches, totals, and distributions, scheduling and time off requests, private messaging and even access to the employee's personal profile area so that employees can be more proactive in their own time and attendance maintenance and accuracy.  All these great feature are controlled through access rights defined by the Administrator and all features can be individually turned on or off or even set to full or read only access for each employee.


Access and Security Management -
The NOVAtime 4000 takes it's security and controlled access very seriously. No other web based time and attendance system offers the high level of system security methods and practices coupled with infrastrucutre and configurable performance securities as the NOVAtime 400 Web system.

Administrators have an extensive set of tools to configure access rules, limitations, and set up security profiles to ensure the most dynamic controlled access, viewing, and sharing of information is allowed.


Payroll Management -
The NOVAtime 2000 features an exporting capability that provides a standard data is compatible with most major payroll systems and services (30 standard payroll interfaces included with over 200 more to choose from [call for pricing]).


Accruals Management -
The Accruals Module is designed to accumulate the number of hours earned towards various pay codes, such as vacation and sick pay.  It also displays the deduction towards the same pay codes for an employee.  Specific pay codes can be defined to accrue benefits. It can automatically accrue even the most complex accrual rules and will deduct any used time entered under the timesheet management automatically from the employee available balances, preventing the use of benefit hours when they are not available. Different accrual rules for different groups of employees can be defined, and manual adjustments can be done.

While included in the system, by default the Accruals module is turned off unless specifically requested and required during the setup process.





On Call - Call Back Module (ADD-ON MODULE) - The On-Call-Call-Back Module is an enhancement to the already strong NOVAtime 4000 Web shift management configuration rules, designed to address the needs of companies that have to schedule and pay a fixed amount of hours to employees On-Call or if called in to work, pays a guaranteed minimum amount of hours. Companies can specify which days and times employees will be On-Call (tied in with their shift schedule), as well as the minimum amount of hours they will receive if called in and the pay rate they will be paid during such hours


Pay Matrix Module (ADD-ON MODULE) - The Pay Matrix Module adds additional power to the hours distribution capabilities of the NOVAtime 4000 Web system.  The Pay Matrix Module adds the ability to determine which employees hours "qualify" for the distribution rule(s).  This is accomplished through several different definable qualifiers; employee group levels home assignment and/or transfer level, worked days of the week and/or holiday, and qualification based on hours worked. Once an employee's hours have qualified, the system can then direct the hours to different pay codes with various rate additions or overrides. Furthermore each Pay Matrix Code can have multiple pay matrix rules; where the system can be set to ignore subsequent rules of that Pay Matrix Code if the qualifications are met


Point System Module (ADD-ON MODULE) - The Point System Module is a fully integrated performance tracking add-on that is designed to progressively track employees' punch and attendance practices and using this data to automatically generate merits, demerits, and employee notification documents.  The Point System Module can track "bad" attendance behavior and reward employees with "good" attendance behaviors such as "perfect attendance", by either subtracting points or printing award letters such as bonuses, free lunch, paid day off, etc. 


System Requirements


- Workstation with Web Browser and Internet Connectivity
- Attached printer for hard copy reports
- Ethernet connection on hub or network
(if optional time clock terminal(s) is/are desired)

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