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Welcome to Time Clocks USA


Web-Based Time System Solutions
NOVAtime 1000 SBE with NT300 Time Clock Terminal

Time and Attendance Tracking has never been easier with a Web-based Time System Solution from Time Clocks USA.

PC-Based Time Systems
Amano PIX-200 Atomic Electronic Time Clock

We have a wide selection of PC-based Time and Attendance Systems, offering choices of barcode or proximity badge or biometric fingerprint or biometric hand geometry hardware coupled with time and attendance software for small-business, mid-sized, or enterprise level organizations.

Time Totalizing Time Clocks
Amano PIX21 Electronic Time Clock

These time clocks make it easier for processing your payroll while still maintaining a paper time card; these clocks total the time right on the time card automatically for you.


Electronic Time Clocks
Amano BX1500 Electronic Time Clock

Electronic time clocks offer the convenience of automatic time adjustment, battery backups and user-definable print formats for recording payroll time, tracking jobs, and stamping.


Mechanical Time Clocks
Amano MJR-7000 Totalizer Time Clock

Heavy-duty and reliable performance are the characteristics you will find from the Mechanical Time Clocks offered at Time Clocks USA.


Time Stamps
Lathem 1221 Mechanical Time Clock

When it comes to time stamps, we have the best brands of mechanical time stamps.  (for electronic time stamps - see electronic time clocks).


Lathem 1221 Mechanical Time Clock

A variety of calculators from simple to complex for personal to industry-specific specialized calculators.


Cash Registers
Lathem 1221 Mechanical Time Clock

Cash Registers for any size business or industry


Lathem 1221 Mechanical Time Clock

A variety of shredders for personal to business use can be found here.

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