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Acroprint ES700 Atomic Electronic Time Clock

List Price: $345.00

Online Discount: $50.00

Your Price: $295.00

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ES700 Overview

The versatile ES700 time recorder can be used to support time and attendance, job costing and document control and is designed for a professional office environment.  This time recorder synchronizes automatically with time codes transmitted by the National Instiurte of Standards and Technology, keeping it incredibly accurate.  The internal battery backup keeps the clock on time, even during power outages.
The time clock accomodates virtually any time card, document or form, offering adjustable print font size, your choice of automatic, semi-automatic or manual print operation, and left or right hand print.  The power supply is switchable from 120V to 240V..

Features & Benefits
  • Time synchronized with time codes trasmitted by NIST means no mor resetting..
  • Internal battery backup maintains time even during power outages.
  • Automatic date advance and Daylight Saving Time adjustment save you time.
  • Date, time and day of week displayed on large, easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Automatic, semi-automatic or manual print operations.
  • Accommodates right or left-hand time cards.
  • Over 150 print configurations and 13 preset messages (RCVD, SENT, IN, OUT, CFMD, FILED, PAID, USED, FAXED, VOID, ORIGIN, APR'D, CMPL'D).
  • Prints in standard AM/PM hours or 24-hour format with minute, tenths or hundredth increments.
  • Can be programmed to print in seconds for unique applications.
  • UL-approved switchable 120V/240V power supply.
  • Programming is password-protected.
  • Punch Type: Automatic, Semi-automatic, or Manual
  • Time Display: Digital
  • Number of Employees: unlimited
  • Power: 120/240 VAC, 50/60hz
  • Dimensions: 6.45" x 5.63" x 6.77"
  • Weight: 6 lbs


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