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Icon RTC-1000 2.5 Ethernet-Internet Web-Enabled Time Clock System

List Price: $499.00

Your Price: $399.00

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RTC-1000 Overview

Engineered For Small Business – Starts with 50 Employee

The RTC-1000 2.5 provides your small business organization, with a quick and reliable automated time and attendance solution that will instantly control labor costs by impacting your bottom line with a hassle-free pay day. Whether your time keeping needs are basic, or complex, and whether your computer skills are minimal, or that of an IT expert, the RTC-1000 2.5 Universal Time Clock is truly a user friendly solution that is easily scalable to suit your varying business needs and resources.

With software built right into the time clock, there is never a monthly fee and set up is a breeze, with no software to install. The RTC-1000 2.5 actually hosts its own Website and is the only small business time clock, that can automatically calculate employee timecards without requiring a constant connection to a PC, server, or to the Internet. To access employee data simply connect the time clock to your office network, or remotely over the Internet from your computer or any smart phone or tablet device.

Features & Benefits
Employees stay informed and can see the number of hours they have worked for that day, or for the week at the clock.  Supervisors can easily access the time clock data anytime as well to edit, monitor employee hours and generate reports.

Access your RTC-1000 from your computer, over the network, or even remotely over the Internet from any smart phone or tablet device.
  • Employees easily clock In with a unique (3-9 digit) ID number or with a badge at the time clock.
  • Software built into the time clock allows the recording and calculating of employee punches, even when the time clock connection to the PC, erver or Internet is lost.
  • Automatically tracks and calculates timecards for up to 50 employees.  Employee capacity easily expandable to accommodate up to 250 employees.
  • Supports popular pay periods:  weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay periods.
  • Supports two levels of overtime daily, weekly consecutive day (California Overtime).
  • Track employee paid breaks, lunch deductions, holiday and non-work hours.  Sort and track employee hours worked by up to 32 departments
  • Multi-PC ready to support multi-supervisor login.  Customized permission level settings to assign employees by supervisor and more...
  • Custom Alerts feature allows you to proactively monitor and control unauthorized overtime and attendance.
  • Atreamline you payroll with complementary payroll exports such as: Advanced QuickBooks Plugin, Paychex Online Payroll Export, ADP, CSV, and API to create custome payroll exports.
Kit Includes:
  • RTC-1000 2.5 Time Clock
  • 50 Employee Limit
  • 15 Reusable Proximity Badges
  • Quick Start Guide
  • QuickBooks & ADP Interface and paychex Online Payroll Interface
  • 15 ft Ethernet Cable
  • 15 ft USB Cable
  • Locking Mounting Plate with 2 Keys
  • Power Supply
  • Documentation & Setup Wizard CD
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30 Days Free Set Up Support


Add-On Monules:

Benefit Tracking
     - Revision Zones to be set by Departments (In and Out Zones set for each Department)
     - Track and manage Vacation, Sick, and Personal Time benefits.
     - Automate maximum accrual amounts, yearly carryover, and borrowing of benefits.
     - Run employee reports by benefit time taken
     - View Accrual Preferences Screen
     - Enter non-worked hours in employee timecards (Holiday, Vacation, Sick, PTO)     - Daily and Weekly OT2

Web Punch Entry (Base package comes with one pre-installed Web Punch Module)
     - Sold in sets of 5 employee licenses for a one-time cost.  Maximum of 25 employee licenses per system.
     - Licenses can be reused and reassigned to other employees, as desired.  Allows designated employees from the employee list, to clock IN/OUT using a web browser
     - Requires a network, or remote connection to support Web Punch Entry optional punch method
     - IP Restriction Setup prevents time clock fraud
     - GPS verification for employees using a smart phone or tablet device makes it the ideal solution to track remote and mobile employees.

Email Alerts
     - Alerts are proactively emailed tp pre-assigned email addresses.
     - Automatically emails one or more managers employee timecards alerts.
     - Allows you to customize the alerts for the items that you want to be alerted on.

Customize Pin
     - Customize User Fields
     - Customize Employee PIN Number (3 - 9- digits)
     - Customize System Prompts
     - Customize Messages at the Clock

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