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Calculated Industries 3416 - Mortgage Qualifier Plus

Your Price: $49.95


Mortgage Qualifier Plus Overview



Advanced Residential Mortgage Finance Calculator with Complete Buyer Qualifying and Interest-Onl Solutions - The professional's residential mortgage finace calculator provides fast answers to complicated questions, including Interest-Only Payments, Interest-Only Combo Loans and Interest-Only Qualifying.  Enter loan data in any order and quickly solve for PITI, Interest-Only loans and all the "what-ifs" of Buyer Qualifying and Rent vs. Buy comparisons.






Features and Benefits



  • Qualify for Incom Required, Maximum Loan Amount and Actual Ratios

  • New! Interest-Only Qualifying
  • Exclusive! Store and use any two sets of ratios (e.g. for Conventional and FHA/VA) or set custom ratios
  • Payments: P & I and Interest-Only Payment, PITI Payment, Total Payment with Expense and Mortgage Insurance
  • Specialty Payments: Balloon and Bi-Weekly Payments
  • Complete Amortization for the total period or any specified range of periods
  • Future Value (i.e. Home or Land Apreciation)  and Note Yields.
  • Combo Loans;  Quickly find Payments, Blended Rate, Combined Payments and Total Amounts for any LTV, including Interest-Only 2nd Combo
  • Combo Loan Savings;  Evaluate a Combo Loan (80-20) compared to a Straight First Loan (100%), with or without Mortgage Insurance
  • Rent vs. Buy Comparison:  Enter Rent Payment and then quickly find Loan Amount, Price, PITI Payment, Estimated Annual and Monthly Tax Savings
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM):  Simplify complex ARMS.  Show your clients the "worst-case" scenario at the touch of a key.
  • Tax Savings:  Estimates Tax Savings from Mortgage Interest and Property Tax.
  • Bi-Weekly Soltions: Compare costs, savings, and loan payback against mothly schedules
  • Date Math:  Qckly find escrow losing dates o figure how many days are left until closing
  • Preference Settings:  User-selected options for Payments per Year, Property Tax, Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, Decimal Preference, Tax Bracket %,Amortization and Qualifying Ratios
  • Periodic function for specifying a Periodic vs. Annual amount
  • Back Space key for easy editing of entered figures
  • Multiple Memor Storage
  • Works as a Standard Math Calculator









  • Protective Slide Case

  • Easy-to-follow User's Guide on CD and Pocket Reference Guide

  • Long-life Batteries

  • Full One-Year Limited Warranty









  • Size: 5.5" x 3.0" x 0.5" (140mm x 76mm x 13mm)

  • Weight: 3.2 oz.  (91 gm.) 

  • Power: Two 1.5-volt (LR-44) Long-life Batteries

  • Display Type: LCD segment; 9 Digits with Annunciators-legends

  • Display Dimensions: 0.86" x 2.5" (22mm x 64mm)

  • Accuracy: 12 Digit Internal Accuracy


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